Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Young Women Lesson 28 (Manual 3)

Lesson 28 "Sacrifice and Consecration"

I started the lesson with an analogy of a 'sacrifce bunt or hit' in the game of baseball. Many of the girls (and a couple leaders) knew of the term and play. I didn't know, so I asked one of the Beehives to elaborate. She explained that a player will suffer an out to advance other players and bunt the ball. For example (we drew it on the board), if there are players on first and second, the batter will bunt the ball up the third base line. The players on first and second advance and the batter is out. The sacrifice of one player, advances two players one base closer to home base.

I pretty much followed the lesson as in the manual, but kept referring to the sports analogy to help with the ideas of sacrifice and consecration (the team consecrates time and energy to win games).

I ended the lesson with the analogy of how coal and diamonds are alike, but, with a little heat and pressure, one turns out magnificantly different. I passed out my diamond ring that has a flaw in it and said that even the best of us will make mistakes - we're still human. I wouldn't give up my diamond for anything because it is special to me. My husband gave it to me when we were married and that means a TON. I love my kids even with their mistakes; Heavenly Father knows us and loves us as we are. As long as we're trying our best to live the laws which he gives us, we're on the right track.

The handouts feature a quote by Joseph Smith from the lesson.

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