Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick 'Nothing' Blog

It's been a month! A whole month! Sorry...

No pictures this time. I'm working on it. I've been busy with school, teaching and other such nonsense, and haven't had time ... well, I have had time... but don't wanna! *whines*

I went to visit the Draper Temple and got to see all the magnificant art work throughout. It was amazing! I've never been on a temple tour, so that was pretty fun for me. I went with the young women and got to know a couple of them better, too. Good times. Plus, I'm secretly 17! Hahah! School's fine except I think UVU highers bone-head professors... I think I'll do well this semester.

Reilly's still done with school. She keeps asking me if she's going to start first grade yet. One morning she went to the calendar and counted the days left in March thinking that April would mark the beginning of her first grade year. Funny! Well, actually it's not that funny... imagine fighting with a six-year-old every morning to go to school?! Now that HAS to stop!

Sean's got a girl in his class named Ella that's helping him learn his "L" sound. He loves her because she treats him like he's a baby, and who wouldn't love to be waited on everywhere he went?! He always wants to tell me what he's done in school (most of which includes Ella), but struggles to say her name. He's getting better every time he tries! :)

Dustin's doing really well in school. He and a girl from his study group continue to get the highest scores on tests and I think they have a little rivalry going on. It's great to finally see him excited about his future! Onlllly, I don't really like when he started siting medical terms for things that have layman terms that I can pronounce ... not to mention, KNOW!

There, HAPPY!?