Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crazy Kid Cartoons!!!

Just when I think I've got a cartoon/show that I'm okay with the kids watching, they pull it and replace it with some STUPID show that sucks! The repeat offenders are, obviously, Dora the Explorer, Diego (same as Dora), Yo Gabba Gabba (sorry, Kath!), Sesame Street, etc... the list goes on! But we've got a new crop of lame-o shows that I just want to throw bricks through the tv during. The most annoying one to me lately is Maggie and the Ferocious Beast.

It starts out with a catchy song, but is all down-hill from there. On the episode that Sean and I watched today, the characters, Maggie and Hamilton, had these 'french' hats on. Blue cap with a white towel down the neck. They were planning to go to the desert to find a treasure. So, Beast wanted a hat too. He asked both Hamilton and Maggie, but they basically told him, 'Dude, yer a freak of nature and no hats fit yer huuuuge head. Deal!' But then proceeded to ride on his back through the desert... ?? They stopped for a brief drink and Hamilton chewed Beast's head off because he drank all the water in the TINY canteen. Selfish S-O-B! After the treasure hunt, the weird talking camel told Beast that he had a present for him. He'd wanted a hat, but there weren't any that would fit him, so he handed him an umbrella... that Maggie and Hamilton used to shade their sorry selves while they hitched another ride on the poor Beast's back!

... Okay, maybe I'm taking it a little too personally, but that is just annoying!

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kathbot said...

Heh, that's okay. I've actually only seen it a couple of times because I always forget Nickelodeon has little kid's shows.