Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cross-Gendered Children

Because both of the kids are excited to start school, we put them on a schedule and gave them morning (up by 8am, dress, make bed, eat, brush teeth), after-school (snack/lunch, homework, play) and bed-time (pajamas, brush teeth, stories, bed by 8pm) routines. They're doing GREAT! So, tonight Reilly came in when the street light came on and picked out some pajamas. They were a 3T, so I tried to get them off of her.

I told her that they were Sean's size and he decided that he needed to wear them.

Shortly after, or when Reilly started calling him a princess-boy, he decided to wear his "Cars" pajamas instead.

He's cuter as a boy!

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Anonymous said...

those are cute kids.