Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remembering Past Olympics

Last night I caught the end of the girls all-around gymnastics competition finals for they Beijing Olympics. It reminded me of watching the 1996 Atlanta Olympics with my mom and sisters. I don't know if any of them remember, but I remember being super into it! We met one of Annie's boyfriends and TOTALLY ignored him because the gymnastics were on. The Magnificant Seven competed and won the gold for their team (care of Kerri Strug's awesome vault - which ended her gymnastics career) and were the only USA team, male or female, in the history of the Olympics to get the gold. I haven't really cared about the Olympics since then, but watching it last night took me back to the '96 games... Good times.

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Anonymous said...

MAN!! I don't even remember Annie's boyfriend, but I DEFINITELY remember the 96 Olympics!! Good times.

I'm sad I ignored it this year, minus some running I saw last night while I quietly indulged my yummy, greasy Chinese food. Mmmmmm. I'll never run like that. Whatev.