Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New school year.

Reilly and Sean are both going to school this year. Reilly starts Kindergarten on Monday and is SUPER stoked! Sean starts the first week in September at the preschool Reilly went to last year. He's really excited, but I'm nervous about how he'll do... he DOES NOT play well with others, especially kids his age. We'll see.

To get ready, this week we have loads of fun things to do. They don't really need anything for their classes (i.e. pencils, tissues, etc.), but they both have appointments with their teachers. Reilly also has to get her shots finished up on Friday... she hasn't had shots in a while and ... well, there are more nerves and anxiety all around. I knew this week was going to be busy, so no lessons until we get situated.

Stay posted for first day at school pictures! :( That just reminded me that I didn't take any of Reilly going to preschool... what kind of mom am I?! ... oh, and more depression because after school starts, SNOW COMES! Ahhhh! :( :( :(

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