Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reilly's First Day!

Last week was a hectic week of getting ready for Reilly and Sean's new school experiences! We had assessments with both teachers, school shopping and doctor appointments. I neglected to tell Reilly that she needed shots at her appointment, but she rocked! They gave her four shots and a prick (to check her iron). She cried a bit, but the bandaids made up for the pain!

Yesterday was Reilly's first day of kindergarten. We started the day off well. She woke up at 7am, which is HUGE for her! She's a 9:30-10am sleeper. She picked her outfit (hence the matchy problem) and said she wanted to walk.

It was fun, but we'll never walk again. It took us an hour to drop her off and she got mad on the way because she wanted to be infront... Sean rode his bike, so she couldn't get ahead... :( Once we got there, though, she turned bipolar and was incredibly happy!

She got a bit nervous when we got the the classroom, but her teacher was great and invited her in with a 'welcome, friend' song.

She did great! She met new friends and told us all the fun rules for her class. :)

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