Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doctor Drama

At the doctor's office, Sean and Reilly decided that it'd be fun to spin around on the doctor's stool... the one that's just a round stool that rolls and spins. I didn't think it was a good idea, but thought I could 'spot' them while they did it. On Reilly's spin, Sean pushed her around and around, but she never really got dizzy... she's not mine... I get horribly dizzy on those things/rides. Sean's mine. On his turn, he did what I would've done and couldn't walk. He tumbled pretty badly and landed on his head ... REALLY hard. I thought he'd be okay, but he couldn't stop crying and his head started to get really hot. Sue-Anne, our doctor's nurse practitioner, suggested we give him a bit to cool off before we left the office and our little 30 min. trip turned into almost four hours. The poor kid was really struggling. After checking his pupils and waiting to see if he threw-up, Sue-Anne gave us a cold compress for his head and Tylenol for his head-ache (he kept complaining about his head hurting); he fell asleep. She told us not to leave for 30 minutes and to check him every 10 to make sure he was okay. He was fine and we left. He must've gotten a really bad head-ache because he slept for four hours. He's got the worst luck, I've decided.

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