Sunday, August 17, 2008

Glow Golf and DDR casualties

One day that we were with my fam, we wanted to do something with Reilly and Sean like go-karts or bumper cars. According to Google, there was only one place to go. They had a miniature putt-putt golf course that we played (very quickly...) and an arcade that we had LOADS of fun with. I really only cared about the Dance Dance Revolution. I've played it once before at a DDR party for New Year's Eve at a neighbor's house, and it was super fun! Rebekah, Nina and I got pretty good at one of them - 'I do, I do, I do!' The bad news was that my right foot got all swollen the next day. You may not be able to tell, but it seriously is.

Okay, so after the let down from the golf and most of the arcade games, we went to the bumper cars area and found that even though we went for the kids, they couldn't ride. :( So, Nina helped distract them while Dustin, Beth, Rebekah and I had a round. It was fun, but it would've been more fun with Sean screaming, 'Go! Faster! Beat them!'

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