Monday, May 25, 2009

More Family Pics!

In March, our Young Women took a trip to the Draper Temple tour and while we were traveling, I noticed a bridge that was so cute! I thought it'd be a great place to take pictures; and, since we go up to Riverton (just west of Draper) every other week, it'd be an easy stop along the way. So, yesterday, we had planned to do it, but when we got out for church, it was raining. It rained all morning and into the early afternoon. I just about gave up when I noticed some blue peeking through the gray clouds. We got all dressed up, grabbed the camera and some allergy medicine, and left for Great Grandma's house. It was GREAT weather up there. Utah's crazy for weather changes! Not quite like Michigan-crazy, but just going up over a mountain, or through a canyon and you've got totally different weather. Just over the point of the mountain going into Salt Lake County, it was beautiful! We took some pictures in front of the bridge, but it wasn't as pretty up close. I thought it was brick, but it was stucco... yuck! We took a few pictures around it and then followed the path up and over the bridge to find an old railroad track. It was perfect! I didn't bring the tripod (I didn't plan on taking posed pictures of the whole family), so the ones of all of us aren't the best, but the pics of the kids wandering on the tracks were GREAT!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad weather pool party

Last week Sean's preschool class was supposed to celebrate the end of the school year by having an outdoor water day, but the weather was bad, so it was postponed for today. The weather was better, but still not ideal. It was 75, overcast and windy! His teacher said he spent most of the time wrapped in his towel, but he did make out once or twice for a picture. :) He will be attending his first preschool graduation this week (Thursday).

Reilly's class has cramed in three month's worth of activities into the last two weeks of school. Today, she was supposed to bring a board/card game that could help the students work on math skills. Mrs. C. called it a Math-A-Thon. Reilly wanted to bring Monopoly, but I said no because it has too many pieces. After the longest and most pointless freak-out of her life, she agreed to bring Connect Four instead. I volunteer on Tuesdays so I got to see how it turned out. She plopped her game on the table and suddenly became the most popular kid in the class. All the other kids wanted to play her game. She turned bipolar and went from raging mad to deliriously happy in less than 10 seconds! She said it was so fun to play with all the kids she didn't know very well and was glad she brought that game afterall. Smart girl!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's DONE!!!

Last night we finished working on the duplex - FINALLY! We went into the project thinking that it'd take a month to do it, but between school, work and kids, it took three times that! We have someone moving in in two weeks and I'm so relieved it's over. :) Check out all of our hard work.

Okay, so the kitchen one doesn't look like anything's changed, but I did spend two days cleaning, so it counts! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Newest Pictures

When I got the camera back, I decided to try to get some pics of the kids. They're so cute! And doesn't Sean look like a little man with hands in pockets? Actually, I swore he was going to catch up to Reilly by now and she's still a good head taller than him. Hmmm...

Sean's field-trips

Last month we went to the firehouse for Sean's preschool field-trip. He was very reluctant to participate in the fireman's intro to fire safety... well, at first. Then, we got to see the fire truck with the lights on and sirens going and he was all kinds of excited! He even got a hat that he swore was going to protect him from the fires! What a boy!

A few months ago, we went to the dinosaur museum. We only stayed for part of the time because Reilly got sick on the way and Sean was working on getting sick. Actually, this was the sickness that I blogged about! It was horrific trying to drive home safe/fast enough to beat the puke! :) Hahahaha, it's funny now, but was totally NOT at the time.

PS - I did get pics of my kids, but this one was pretty cool. They're looking at a diarama of a bunch of dinosaurs. Sean's in there somewhere... I can just barely make out the back of his head.

Seems as though I'm puking out blogs lately, huh?!

On Easter, we went up to Dustin's grandparents house for lunch/dinner and an egg-hunt. I took the camera so that I could take pictures of the kids and forgot to bring it home. Shortly after that, Phil and Judy came into town and visited them. They sent the camera with them, but it never made it out of the RV. Instead, it took a detour through Michigan. :) So, now that I have it back, I'm going to puke out a few more blogs. Hahhahah! I'm cracking me up!

So, this year was the first year that Sean didn't need help looking for eggs. We walked around behind him while he ran everywhere looking frantically like he had competition. Reilly did really well finding all the possible eggs, but I am afraid that she's not going to like it for very much longer... unless we get more challenging with hiding places.