Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

We just got back today and, boy howdy, does it feel good to relax in my own bed! I always forget how much I miss my bed until I get back to it after a long vacation or camp out. :) Oh, but, hey, I gotta tell you guys! Dustin and I drove straight through without stopping for anything but gas and snacks. We didn't even stop to eat. We made great time, but got DEAD tired on the road. I know, it's dangerous, but there's this new thing lately... called Red Bull. We bought a few and I drank them. It was my first experience with the stuff and, I gotta tell you, it was the WORST tasting thing! GROSS! It seriously tasted like carbonated grape flavored medicine. Bad news bears! I didn't need it to have any caffeine in it, just the taste alone woke me up. One sip at a time, I was good to go!

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Anonymous said...

ew red bull.

Glad you're home safe!