Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Positive Affirmations.

Dustin is not the most decisive person in the world; he's also not the most attentive. These have their negative sides, yes, but they also have some very positive sides. If I'm having a bad day, I can count on nothing from Dustin. He won't come home and dog me for not making dinner right away, or forgetting to doing payroll ... he's very understanding/non-judgemental about what and how I do things. This is huge lately because since we got back from our vacation, I've been feeling very stupid. It's never happened before. I've always been able to jump right back into life in Utah, but this year, it's been rough. Maybe it's because of school stuff.

Putting the kids in school has helped with a few things, though. It's put us on a schedule that's necessary to keep up. We never really had one before. The kids went to bed between 9-10pm, they got up whenever, I did laundry whenever, etc. I'm excited for the change and am trying to make the most of it. Some of my schedule is pre-exsisting, but most of it is new.

There is this one thing about Dustin being the way he is... He NEVER gives compliments or shows appreciation when I work really hard to keep on top of everything. I'm not saying he should always shower me with affection; that would make me sick. Maybe it's not a bad thing; maybe I just need to work on why I do the things that I do. I should NOT do things to get positive affirmations from others. It shouldn't matter how Dustin shows his appreciation... or how often I get comments on my blog... I should be doing things because they need to be done, or because I enjoy doing them. I should do my blog because I really do enjoy it. I should do things around the house becaues they need to be done. ... see, I told you I'm being stupid!

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kathbot said...

I am totally the same way about housework! I do it with the motivation of making Tyler happy and I really just need to do it because it's my job.