Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pedal Boat Trials...

When we got on the lake, we decided to have a race... Beth and I were in one boat and Dad and Dustin were in the other. Beth and I quickly ... quit ... but Dad and Dustin gave it their all and got stuck in the mucky seaweed.

Their rudder was all tangled up with the seaweed and they had difficulties maneuvering the boat.

After a bit, they ask for help... I had to touch that nasty stuff!

And it didn't even work... we still had to lead them back to the dock.


Roberts blog said...

Hi, just a visitor from Utah. I love your blog! Can you tell me where you got the layout? e-mail me if you
What a cute family you have.

Anonymous said...

so sad i missed this one :-(

nhodge said...