Friday, July 18, 2008

Sean's Post

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ufhyghyg8y rt78 h 87tr87try 987ty r987t97867 89t 687yyt78t 8 79t u888ur 88r89u9 8rt u9rrr9 8 7r yr 78r7y8rf78y rf87rhn rrtrt 78tr90t5u 40rii i rjrui tui5rt

rhuit rhui rhur ihr5uu5 4rh54 7845 ut 4785 t874 5t78 457 8y57 8 4y7 y7y 78y 87437 8487 y78y kkk o uu4 uj u8945 9r4 e98 459 4y9 47574y5 r7y457y4u4 3u984579 8u4598u

Notice both of his hands on the keyboard, and his eyes glued to the screen... he's in a whole new generation!! :)

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