Saturday, July 12, 2008


Tonight, while putting the kids to bed, we had DRAMA!! Sean is such a control freak sometimes... I tell you what! He picked two stories and, usually, I let them each pick one, so we read two total every night. Since he picked two, Reilly got all worked up because she couldn't pick one... We, every once in a while, have to remind the kids (especially Sean) who's in charge. Reilly got pouty - a new thing - and wouldn't listen to me when I told her that she could pick one and I would deal with Sean, so she took a time-out for a bit while Sean freaked out... at least they take turns, right?

Sean's freak-out was the FUNNIEST thing ever! I tried sooo hard not to laugh, but did crack a smile every once in a while. He said things like, 'I don't like Reilly's books cause they're boring for me!' or 'I hate Reilly picking big books, I only like little bit big ones.' or 'I'm in charge cause you said that I'm in charge when Reilly's bad.' Man, I wish I could be sly enough to get a freak-out on video! Seriously!

Recently he was yelling at me at the store, so I took him to the car - a common occurence. He kept yelling at me until he realized that he had to go to the bathroom. Then he started yelling, "I have to go super-bad!" Hilarious!!!!!

Oh, and the 'little bit' thing is funny, too. He was wearing long sleeves, a sweatshirt and pants two weeks ago, so I told him it's too hot for all those clothes. He told me, 'it's a little bit cold.' I could NOT change his mind. He got SOOOO mad at me and kept yelling that over and over again. :) Funny, boy!

P.S. The photo is not of this exact freak-out.

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Anonymous said...

That kid is FULL of drama! Watch out for his teenage years!!