Thursday, July 31, 2008

Got favs?

Just to clear things up here... Sean has wound up on my blog considerably more than Reilly; yes. However, this doesn't mean anything more than he's the squeaky wheel! He's not the favorite... they both have strengths and weaknesses; they both are favorites for a variety of differences!!
Here are their top 5 strengths ... no weaknesses because that's just mean!

Reilly #5 - She's the most helpful around the house. She cleans really well for a 5 year old!
Sean #5 - He's super entertaining; mad or happy, it doesn't matter!

Reilly #4 - She's easy going. She goes with the flow - even if she doesn't really want to.
Sean #4 - He knows what he wants and isn't afraid to fight for it.

Reilly #3 - She can make a friend anywhere she goes! Wish I could do that!
Sean #3 - He's my buddy. No matter who is around, he'll always cuddle with me.

Reilly #2 - She's exactly like her daddy! It's so cute that they have similar quirks!
Sean #2 - He learns so quickly and especially on his own... I've got to add pics of him and his violin... all self-taught (almost)!!

Reilly #1 - She can do a backward somersault on the trampoline! (That's what she thinks is the coolest thing about her.)
Sean #1 - He's such a boy!! He loves camping, playing with cars, riding the 4-wheeler, wrestling with the dog, etc. He's so fun to play with!

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Anonymous said...

ahh i love those kids!! Can't wait to see you guys!!!