Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day... ya moron!

In Utah, there is a religious holiday that is recognized by almost every employer here - Pioneer Day, the day the first Mormon pioneers made it to Salt Lake Valley. There is also a big 'to-do' in each city... either a festival or a fireworks display. So, everyone takes the day and goes about town celebrating how they please. The irony of it is that everyone is NOT LDS; some are completely anti-mormon. That the holiday is recognized at all anymore is beyond me, however, what makes it worse, is that some of the non-LDS people celebrate with beer. I have nothing against that, but if you know anything about the LDS faith, you know that they don't drink alchoholic beverages... so the thought of celebrating an LDS holiday with something very against the religious is baffling... and, frankly, laughable. The first time I saw someone coming out of the grocery store loaded up with booze for Pioneer Day, I laughed the rest of the day. Actually, another thing that's funny about the holiday is that it's a huge LDS thing in Utah, but almost nothing anywhere else. Hmm... :)


kathbot said...

What I think is really funny is that a lot of the people you are talking about are the descendants of Utah pioneers. It would be like ethnic-but-not-practicing Jews celebrating Passover by roasting a pig.

Anonymous said...

omg that's a hilarious comment!! I'm going to celebrate Rosh HaShana this year with some eggs, cheese and bacon and some coffee with cream! How about I bring it to the synagogue to pass around!!

Lauren Brown said...

I didn't take the irony that far! That's freakin' hilarious!!!!