Friday, July 25, 2008

I need a new book.

I took Beth's suggestions about The Kite Runner and loved it, so I'm looking for more. If you have suggestions for a good read, please let me know! It's not that I don't have too much to do, but I miss sitting in bed at the end of the day reading a good book... it's lazy and FUN!


kathbot said...

I've been reading some Diana Wynne Jones lately - they're really for teenagers, but they're really imaginative and fun. If you want to borrow one, I have a couple lying around.

Anonymous said...

"Chopin in Winter" out of Stuart Dybek's "The Coast of Chicago" anthology. It's beautiful, and I bet you'll love it.

nhodge said...

sometimes kids' books are the best to read. besides, it'll give you ideas of where to point your kids as they get older.