Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nostalgia at Shopko!

Dustin and I went to a movie last weekend and had some time to kill before the movie started. While we waited, we decided to go into Shopko, the store right next to the theater. They always have candy on sale, so I thought I'd get some Junior Mints or something for the movie... save myself some money, too.. .right? It was then, that we saw it - the opened bag of Big League Chew!! (Someone else must have been reminscing, too.) Oh, the flash back! We used to ride our bikes and rollerblades, or walk to Rexalls and the State Street Mercantile to return pop bottles/cans for cheap candy. Those were the days... probably the best of my life! :)

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silveralley said...

oh MAN! I remember that stuff!

did you know V & S is closing down?? remember friendly plastic!?