Friday, July 18, 2008

Bed business...

Lately, we've had problems with the kids sleeping in their beds all night. They'll start out in bed, but somehow end up in my bed 'scared.' Their door is child-locked, so they really have to convince us to get them out. Threatening to pee their pants in the newest excuse, and it seems to be working. They wait until about 2am and cry and whine until Dustin comes to get them. Once they're out, and he's too tired to deal with getting them back to bed, they make their way to my bed... >:( I DO NOT share well. Well, last night was one of the rare occasions that they stayed in their room all night... this is what I saw when I went in.

What you probably can't tell is that he's on the floor between the beds, with a flashlight to shine on 'scarey shadows.'

Reilly's just cute when she's asleep, but what you can't tell with her picture is that she's wearing her swimming suit under her pajamas.

Sean wants to ttype so5mething and has been bothering me this whole time... okay, here he is,

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Anonymous said...

dude your house must be scary if the kids have to sleep with layers of clothes and next to flashlights. WTF!!

Lauren Brown said...

I know!! Sean knew what the shadows were (i.e. Reilly's head, the lamp in the corner, etc.), but insisted it was too scarey!