Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nuns Park

My grandparents-in-law are the sweetest people ever!! Every year they host a park up Provo Canyon called Nuns Park. This is going to be their last year doing it and we're trying to take advantage of them being so close. We spend every Sunday evening with them when they're at the park, but, during the winter, when they go home, we only visit every other or so. We miss more because it's kinda far, the roads aren't friendly over the point of the mountain during the winter and that's when they travel. So, this summer's it! They're not doing so well because they were in a terrible car crash last fall. They're fully recovered, as in, they can walk and function okay, but because the park is so demanding, they're not as on top of it as they were.

The kids love going to the park and playing with Princess, throwing rocks in the river, and otherwise just being kids. I don't actually think they care that grandma and grandpa are there, but whatever. We'll miss going to the park.

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