Saturday, January 10, 2009

Toothless Wonder

Reilly had quite a week this week! She lost two teeth in two days. The whole ordeal probably wasn't that fun either. She started off the week banging her front teeth (that were already loose) on a dresser. The hit made one tooth incredibly loose and painful when she ate or talked. So, Dustin pulled it out. That part wasn't bad, but she was nervous for it. Then, the very next day, she banged her other tooth (the one that was being pushed out funny) on Sean's head. We always joke that his head is a weapon, but this time, it caused some damage. Reilly's tooth didn't fall out on it's own, though. Dustin had to pull that one as well. This time, it wasn't so easy. Reilly was nervous, but the tooth was pushed back toward her tongue. It was hard for her to do much without causing pain. She said she couldn't even close her mouth. She kept putting a 'bubble' in her mouth. It's what they do in kindergarten to keep their mouths shut. That was the only way she was comfortable. Dustin tied floss around the tooth and tugged it, but the floss broke. She cried and bled! It was tramatic for me, too. I can't stand when they're in that much pain. Plus, the whole losing teeth thing grosses me out, too. :\ Anyway, she had to prepare for the final pull, but was very brave and let him. That pull didn't hurt and her gums didn't bleed again once the tooth was out, so it's over... for now...

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