Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Late Christmas Pics

This Christmas was quite different from others. We stayed on a tight buget because we've blown it in years past and regreted it. We made it under budget and wound up spending a bit after Christmas during sales. We got some fun presents for everyone. I got a new camera (Canon Rebel) that will be coming in the mail shortly. Dustin got a very nice watch, a new jacket (thanks, Nina!) and a new wireless router... haha... just kidding. :) The kids got new clothes and some little things. Reilly decided that she wanted a Peek-a-Boo and Sean got a new airplane. We also got some great presents from family for the kids. Annie and Dharma got Sean Hot Wheels and he decided that they are his favorite Aunt and cousin! He is so funny about those cars! He thinks he can read because he knows when a car is a Hot Wheel! :) They also got Reilly a Pet Shop set. It had three pets and some small sports themed thingers... I don't understand why everything has to be SOOOOO small! She'll undoubtedly loose all the pieces, but has named the pets and will sleep with them for the next month. Thanks, Annie!

Sean didn't ask for anything this year. I had a hard time shopping for him because I don't want to house the stuff that he'd like. I don't have any more room for toys, so I got him a game for his Leapster. He was stoked! Anything Cars, right!?

Reilly just wanted to ask Santa for something. This was the only present she asked for... she's an easy kid! :)

I think they had more fun climbing on the couch than retrieving the cheap chocolate I gave them...
The most important thing for me this year was to teach the kids that Christmas isn't about getting presents and that even the presents they do get are from someone who cares a great deal for them. Their focus couldn't have been better! They were very appreciative for what they got and I was happy to see them so easily satisfied.
PS: The books were GREAT! Especially the Biscuit books. Reilly's so addicted to reading lately.


kathbot said...

Let me know when your camera comes and we'll play. I read the manual for mine, but I forgot most of it already :S. Hopefully you got the same model as me - if not they'll probably be close enough to give each other tips/ideas. I've had mine since last Friday, but life has been so crazy I haven't done much with it.

nhodge said...

i thought reilly out grew those pajamas already.

Sue said...

What cuties!

Lauren Brown said...

Nina, those aren't the jammies shes grown out of. Those had pink polk-a-dots. The ones in the picture don't have footies either, so they'll fit her for longer.