Saturday, January 3, 2009


There are two items of 'gimpness' to discuss today. First, Reilly's having some issues with her front tooth lately. Her permanent tooth is pushing out her baby tooth before the root is dissolved. This is creating pressure and giving her a headache. The last few nights haven't gone too well and I wind up sleeping with one eye open or in her bed. Well! Her bed is HORRIBLE! I slept there the first night she had problems and must've been on a spring all night because I woke up with THE worst pain in my hip! It hasn't gone away either! It hurts when I do pretty much anything but lay down. I'm having issues!! Yesterday, Dustin, the kids and I went to UVU to get student IDs (Dustin needed a new one for the nursing program) and visit with the music school advisor. I registered for classes and checked on financial aid while we were there, too. Can you guess how much walking around I did!?!?!? OWWWWWWIE!

Okay, then second gimp thing, I was planning on scheduling the surgery on my other foot for January, but since I'm taking classes, I don't think that's going to happen... hmmm... I guess I can have odd feet for a few more months. It's not like they're getting worse.

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