Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kids say the darndest things!

Recently, I've been noticing all the -isms that we (Dustin and I) have created in our family. We both come from dramatically different upbringings, so we both have stuff to bring to the table. Along the way, though, we've made it our own. For example, we both had 'play clothes' and 'school' or 'church clothes.' Our children have 'Saturday,' 'school' and 'church' clothes. We say 'Saturday' because our kids didn't understand that playing at school is different than playing at home. So, if either of them try to put on 'Saturday' clothes during the week, we say, "You can't wear your Saturday-pants to school!" They almost always respond with, "But my teacher said we can wear our Saturday-clothes to school..."

BTW, I'm sick to DEATH of hearing, "My teacher doesn't like when we ..." or "My teacher said I have to ..." I have a new thing. Teacher sayings/advice stays at school! When they're at home, Mom and/or Dad are the teacher!

Dustin brought 'butt-kickings' ... which actually mean frantic tickling... not literally kicking butts.. ????? I brought 'bad-one' that Sean has embraced like you wouldn't believe. Everyone is a bad-one! It's too cute!

PS- Reilly took both of the above pictures. Talented, no?

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