Saturday, January 10, 2009

Remember College?

It's been a few years, but I find that few things have changed since attending WMU. The school of music is the same. It's a collection of students with the same major complaining about the same stuff and acting out the same way... Man! Music majors are WEIRD! :) Love it! Anyway, but the real thing that I keep thinking about is, 'Where do these people come from?!' Not like, where did they grow up, graduate highschool, etc. More like, why don't I see the same people? I remember walking to school from my dorm every day and seeing different people every time. I left at the same time, I went the same way to class and arrived at about the same time, but never saw the same person twice! So, I've only attended one class twice, but it happened. Both times, same thing.

I've always been really interested in other people... of course, from afar. I used to sit at the Dalton Center and people watch. It's fun to see how people deal with everyday things... like, two people walking toward each other. How will they correct it? Who will be the chicken? I'm lame. Well, it just got me thinking.

Another thing is - why do professors feel the need to tell you their life history on the first day of class? I really don't care! They should say, 'I'm the teacher, you're the student. Let's get down to business.' My first professor talked about himself for almost half the class and then said, "Oh, that's probably more than you cared to know, huh?!" I wanted to shout, "I don't care to know any more than your name, office hours and syllabus for the class!!!" Well, today, he was out done! I'm stupid and have to take a lame-o math class and the professor in that is younger than me. She didn't talk boastfully like the other professors have, but she mentioned that she has a three-week old son named Jayson (why do I know how to spell his name, you ask? ... well, don't ask) probably fifty times in the first hour!

So, Nina... they really do stay the same, huh?!

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nhodge said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! welcome back, larn!