Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just blogging to myself... again...

I frequently talk to myself in the car while driving (holding my cell phone up to my ear to avoid gawking looks ... yes, I have received many...) in order to keep a focused thought. Do you do it? If you haven't ever done it, do try it. It's very good conversation ... yiiiikes... that sentence scared me a bit, too.

As many of you know, I volunteer in Reilly's class room twice a week for an hour or so each time. It is far above, beyond and around the corner from the expectation of 15-20 minutes a week, but I enjoy it so much that I don't mind in the least. This is where my talking to myself begins. Oh, before that, though.

This is a blog of my beliefs and opinions. It is NOT intended to sound condescending or strive to convert you, the reader. I am just sharing.

This blog will be broken down to two sections, with two... sections in each ... section... Let's say two categories with two subcategories in each. Better? Sorry...

Today, I realized I have two major reasons for helping out in the classroom.

1. I feel that the success or fail rate of the public school system is a direct result of parental involvement. The more a parent is involved with the child at home, the more the public school teacher can do in the classroom. I think we are put together in families with the same genetic makeup is to have to really deal with one another. I know that Reilly needs repetition because her dad learns best with repetition. I know that Sean has a horrible temper and is extremely picky because I have a horrible temper and am extremely picky. Without dealing with our similarities this way, how can I expect a teacher to guess how to best get through to my children? By knowing this ahead of time, I can help to fill in gaps that will undoubtedly form over the course of a year.

2. I also feel that the more support public school teachers get in the classroom, the more learning can be accomplished. In a perfect world, our public systems would have enough money to employ several teachers to a room, but we are far from that world.

Now, for part two of my conversation... with myself. I have to think that we, as a society, have the control to change the schools to accommodate our needs! I HAVE to! See, I cannot send my child day after day to something that is failing and has no hope! I don't exactly know what to do, but this blog... but I'm trying.

I thought of two problems with our society when it comes to schooling.

1. Lower taxes does not help in correcting the problems. When a politician says 'lower taxes' they don't mean that the taxes will be lowered anyway! They mean that the tax increase that was scheduled to happen... won't. So, why put your vote toward something that is shady to begin with? Lowering taxes hurts schooling way too much. It is my opinion that the jobs that are the most important pay the least. For example, law enforcement and fire fighters receive minimal wages for, essentially, saving lives. ?? Teachers, the leaders of our youth, are barely compensated for helping to shape them into well-rounded and successful adults (too much credit? well, you get the idea...). Wishful thinking, I guess. Maybe if there was more money given to schools, they would be able to be pickier about who they placed in such esteem positions. (I'm cracking myself up... I hope you're not taking this toooo seriously!)

2. Our society is too caught up in having advanced technology, big houses, bigger cars, the biggest hair! Not enough emphasis is put on continued education. Parents who continue their learning and/or show enthusiasm for their own education will produce offspring with the same passion for learning. So, turn off the computer and pick up a book? ... whatever...

Okay... I'm done!

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nhodge said...

you're not saying anything here that my profs aren't saying in my curriculum classes. some of the best school systems are the ones with very actively involved parents.