Friday, December 12, 2008

Speaking of Reilly...

I've been trying out different hairstyles on her lately, hoping to come up with something for our family pictures before Tuesday... crossed fingers. I'd like to curl her hair, but nothing seems to hold. So, let me tell you the story, we start with gel through damp hair. Then, after her hair dries, and when I start curling it (I've tried a curling iron and hot rollers), I use hairspray as I'm rolling the hair, while it's rolled and after I take it out. Then, while I'm tossing her hair, to break up curls, I spray loads of hairspray... There's no happy ending to this story, though, because her hair won't stay curly for longer than an hour! And, it sounds like her hair should be super crunchy, right... because of all the product, but it's not! It's totally soft! I don't get it! I'm going to try curlers that she has to sleep in next. She'll hate it, but I think it's the only way.

Oh, BTW, remember how much I love Reilly's hair in a short-bob? Well, she always used to fight with me about cutting it that short. She has a friend with super, SUPER long hair and always wanted hair that long, but just when her hair is getting to a long length, she decides that it might not be such a bad idea to cut it again! Ahhh! Now I love it long and am having fun styling it!!! I'm going to keep pushing it off. I say, "After family pictures.." or "When school's out..." I hope she doesn't catch on.

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