Friday, December 12, 2008

The Rolling Apple - Part 2 "No Easter Bunny?!"

Okay, so no one got my reference in the title "The Rolling Apple," so I'm just going to explain myself really quickly... The apple doesn't fall from the tree, but this one's trying to get away! Not to knock Mom and Dad, because I copy them all the time! People don't want to be like their parents, but it's bound to happen.

Enough about that! This one's for Mom. While we're stressing about Christmas crap like, 'do we have what they want?,' 'are we following all the traditions?,' etc... one thing keeps coming up, "Mom, is Santa real?" I don't want to burst Reilly's bubble so soon and with Sean only being 4, it doesn't seem right to ruin Christmas fun just yet. So, I've been thinking about my childhood and how long I believed in Santa. I don't think I'm any more out of the ordinary than anyone else, but I remember when Mom told me there was no Santa. I asked her and I think she asked me back, "do you really want to know the truth?" I said 'yes' and she broke the news. It didn't ruin my Christmas, but if I was old enough to remember the conversation, I must've believed long enough... Mom did an amazing job teaching us that Christmas is about the birth of the Savior (I was featured in the newspaper as a result - Mom, do a blog about that so I can show my kids) and all the other fluff was just ... fluff. She let us believe if we wanted to, but didn't push us to buy into the commercialized-Christmas. I have huge boots to fill when it comes to that, but I'm doing my best. I always respond to Reilly with, "Do you think he's real?" and then let her answer it. We have traditions that include reading children's books about Christ's birth and placing the baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Eve. I hope it's making it more about that then presents and Santa, but only time will tell. Anyway, I was thinking about other fictional holiday characters and one stood out from the others.

The Easter Bunny! I do NOT let my kids believe in that crap! I've told them from the first Easter that we celebrated (and that they could talk/understand me) it that is NOT what Easter is about. If they want to have an egg hunt, we'll do it. If they want to get baskets with candy in it, we'll do it. But the purpose for the holiday is to celebrate the Savior ! It is NOT a gift-giving holiday! THE END!

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