Thursday, December 4, 2008

Talk much!?

A few things baffle me about our English slang. One of which is the use of the phrase, 'a whole nother.' I know I can't be the only one that is annoyed by this, but it is used more than I care to hear it. I've even seen it written out. I know what you're thinking. "Lauren, we've heard it all before... " or "Lauren, it's not a big deal..." But here's the thing, 'nother' is NOT a word. Sticking 'whole' in the middle of 'another' creates a word that doesn't exist.

I have a solution, though! Here's a grammatically correct phrase with the same idea:

'a whole OTHER!' Huh? What do you think? Good, eh?!

BTW, I did a spellcheck because I don't like to blog with awful spelling and 'nother' came up yellow!!!


nhodge said...

i like "that's an entirely different story" or "that's another story altogether" . . . same idea, better grammar.

Sue said...

You should do the Bits and Pieces in a color other than black with the tree. I think that's really cool with your picture.

Diane Kirkpatrick said...

I like making up words. It is fantabulous!

Anonymous said...

dude. what do you think shakespeare did. make up words. that's how we have so many of them! we make up the language as we go. if you want to veto "nother" perhaps you should write a petition and circulate it to the general population. VETO NOTHER!!!! or, it should go on the next ballot as proposal 1 or proposal 2. The nixing of the word "nother" from making it into our vocabulary and legitimate dictionary. VOTE YES ON PROPOSAL 2!!!

Lauren Brown said...

That's it! I'm doing it! Vote yes on Prop 2!!!