Friday, December 12, 2008

Daddy and Reilly Go To School!

Reilly's class had a fun-Friday today! They invited their grandparents (or someone special) to come and did some fun activities. Reilly's great-grandparents are too old and slow for that, so she wanted her dad to come (not me!)... Really, I wasn't offended. I get to school with her twice a week. It was so great to see them go together and they had a fun time, too.

Dustin got to see what Reilly does every day. They welcomed their guests to school with the Kindergarten Welcome song. Then, they counted all the days they've been going to school and added a sticker to their books. Then, they did centers. There were three centers.

1. gingerbread houses
2. Santa beards
3. family trees

Reilly and Dustin did a great job... apparently, some of the kids and parents didn't have very attractive houses... Their's was awesome!