Sunday, December 21, 2008

Buyers Remorse - No More!!

I have been thinking lately about how little money I will soon have and take time out to really analyze a purchase. I have had buyers-remorse several times and it seriously hurts my feelings to see those items on a day-to-day basis. For example, I told Dustin that I wanted a toaster oven so that I could easily heat up frozen foods, or make hot sandwiches more conveniently. He bought one for my birthday and I was excited for like a week... You see, it takes forever for it to heat up (much like it's uncle the ... um... regular oven) and the food cooks in the same amount of time, but it's harder to keep clean. I feel bad throwing it away or giving it away because it was a present, but that means I have to look at it everyday! While it takes up precious real-estate on my counter... collecting mail, recipes, straws, etc. Anyway, that is the bad part about purchasing things, but there is another story. I have a few items that I treasure every day!

The first one is my water dispenser. I used to buy Brita filters for my Brita purifier, but was really bad about refilling it. We would have to drink straight from the tap and I hate that! Some of it is because of the taste, but most of it is because I like my beverages so cold that they hurt my teeth to drink. So, on one trip to the store, I was looking at the dispensers. This particular one cost $60.00 for the unit and a few dollars for the water bottle. I did the math and concluded that is would be cheaper than spending $30.00 on filters every three months for my purifier; five gallon water refills are $3 and we can refill 10 times for the same price... we don't drink anywhere near that.

The next one is my camera. I've only ever had Canon Powershot cameras, so it's all I know. But they're so easy to use and have great features. I don't think I'd ever get another brand. Incidentally, I just bought a digital camcorder that is also a Canon and am quite pleased. I've only had it for two weeks, so it doesn't qualify to be on the list yet.

The last item for my list are the two white shelves I bought for my Christmas decorations. I had some little trinkets that I didn't want to put on a table where my kids could easily get them (when they were younger - obviously now they can reach the shelves), so I thought it'd be great to have them on the wall. Well, not only have they worked for Christmas decor, but they've stayed up all year round to put pictures of the kids on. It just gives a different look than hanging them. I like it!

So, the point of the blog - I'm watching what I spend and trying to make this list the ONLY list!!

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