Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Craft

I just got a call yesterday about Reilly's kindergarten Christmas party. I guess I signed up to do the Christmas craft... Must've done it in a whole nother life (hahahaha, still not a word!) ... Anyway, as I was looking up ideas, I kept thinking back to their Halloween party. The craft was a popcorn hand with candy-corn nails. It was MESSSSSY and didn't take very long. So, I kept that in mind while I searched the net. I found this!

So, just to make sure that a 5/6 year-old could do it easily and use up between 10-15 minutes, I had Reilly and her friend from her class, Jacey, do it together. They had fun and it worked out perfectly! I'm doing it!


kathbot said...

That will be so fun!

Sue said...

Dear Apple-Rolling-Not-So-Far,

This looks like something that we did at Chirstmas many years ago. We did them in red and clear and green and clear. I bet there is still at least one around.