Sunday, September 21, 2008

Young Women Lesson 38: Good Health Habits

My lesson today was about having good healthy habits. It was fun. I started the lesson by having the girls pick from a variety of snacks - both healthy and unhealthy. I disguised them because most of hem were hidden with 'low-fat' or 'reduced calorie' or '100% multi-grain.' We talked about why they're good and why they're bad; how important it was to portion control; and how it's not about what you eat so much as what portions you eat. I also talked about negative body image because that seems to be a common concern here in vain-Utah. Too many people are concerned about how they look outwardly that they don't think about how they're sacrificing their health for it.

How cool is it, by the way, that the Word of Wisdom was revealed in the 19th century and we're only just barely now finding out that it was right?! The more we refine something, the less we get out of it - D&C 89. I love when man discovers that God's revelations were correct!! We talked about this for a while because there is a Japanese man that just celebrated his 113th birthday, making him the oldest man in the world. He credited it all to not drinking alchohol! We also talked about the blessings of living the WoW - like longevity.

At the end of the lesson I gave the girls a pamphlet to keep track of their food/drink intake for a week. I encouraged them to think about what was going into their bodies and also to keep better tabs on their sleep and physical activity.

I made yogurt parfaits for the girls to enjoy. Non-fat yogurt, homemade granola and fresh apples from my apple tree. Really, it was a great lesson and the girls did a great job helping out with it. :)

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