Friday, September 19, 2008

The long and short of it.

The new 'plan' for bailing out the market crisis is CRAP!!! Holy cow, I can't believe our government! It told me that if you don't have a billion dollars, you don't exist. So, these stupid big businesses pad the pockets of their executives, default all over the place and risk filing for bankruptcy. Then, the stupid government 'rescues' them while screwing the rest of the country! The government will own these companies (AIG for example) and take on their debt... but where does the money come from to cover the debt? YOU AND ME, my friend! You and me! How screwed up is that!? If I go into debt and my business was floundering the government is the first hand demanding to be paid, but when the big business stands at the edge ready to fall in, the government offers to salvage the company and give the executives hefty severance packages! AAAHHHHHH!!!

Oh, it just makes me want to never pay taxes again!!

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