Thursday, September 4, 2008

Economy... shmeconomy!

Our latest news financially is that... it's a good thing that I work, because if I didn't, we would have NO hope for a Christmas this year. The problem is that our country's going down the crapper! I have a real problem with this because I think there's an easy fix.

Number 1: We need to invest in ourselves. Not just a few pennies, but the value of what our workers are worth! Too many employers are cutting corners to fill their own pockets. They should stay invested in the company FIRST. True story, there is a guy that hired Dustin a year ago for four houses that needed tile. He squandered the money that he made off the jobs on a new boat and a new car and wound up too broke to pay Dustin. Now, he's risking bankrupcy for all of his companies because he didn't keep the dollar in the company. He still owes thousands and thousands to subcontractors (like Dustin) and vendors, and he had to lay off over 250 people. Invest in the company - in the people that keep it going.

Number 2: We need to be able to tell the government what to do with our vote. In many countries, the people have a say in how the country is run... many countries but ours! I just got a bill from the IRS saying that I overpaid the first quarter taxes by almost $2000. and they billed me $450. for an adjustment fee. $450?!?!? That's CRAZY! They shouldn't be able to do that, but they are the IRS, so if I try to fight it, they'll make up some off-the-wall worded penalty that doesn't really exsist. I have NO voice. I don't feel like my vote matters in the least. It must, somewhere, but I can't make a difference here (especially in stupid-Republican Utah). If there were millions of people, maybe then it would matter... maybe. I'm actually totally against the Republican vs. Democrat thing that happens every time there's an election. Why can't we get a candidate that will answer the questions, give valid solutions to problems and, in the end, DELIVER what they promise?? WWWHHHHYYYY????!!!

Okay, okay, so it's not easy, but it would help out TREMENDOUSLY! ... I'm a little too into socialism lately. It's bad I know, but we're not exactly doing that great right now...

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