Thursday, September 11, 2008

C'mon! I'm not THAT fat!

A couple of years ago, we bought a bunk bed for Reilly and Sean. We (and by that, I mean Dustin) put it together like a bunk bed, but told Reilly that we couldn't lay with her because we'd break her bed ... she was on top; it made sense. The bed had a maximum weight limit - 185lbs. We're not that fat seperately, but it was a good idea. It worked! Reilly started sleeping in her bed and because she was on the top, she stayed in her bed all night. So, last year, I took apart the bunk and now they have seperate beds. I like it better because I can turn on the ceiling fan ... and bedtime goodnights are easier. But, the best part of the whole thing is that Reilly told Sean that Mom and Dad can't sleep in their beds because we'll break them. Tonight, I was laying with them while I said goodnight because I had a tough day and am sleeeepy. Reilly was cuddly and said a long goodnight to me... Sean was a different story. We started off with Sean saying, "Daddy gave me too much kisses!" and ended with "Mom, get in your bed; you'll break my bed!" :) Good stuff! So, I'm going to sleep!

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