Monday, September 29, 2008

Am I stupid? Cause I really don't think I am!

Last night, Bush made some statements about the $700 billion bailout. In reference to the 'jittery U.S. taxpayers,' he said that they will benefit from a number of safeguards that lawmakers wrote into the pending legislation, including ... assurances that taxpayers would ultimately be reimbursed by the companies that go under. Okay, so this is where I get stupid... if the bailout is supposed to help them from going bankrupt, because they can't pay on loans that already exsist... HOW WILL THEY PAY OFF THE TAXPAYERS?? Where will that money come from?

Seriously, am I stupid!?!?!!?

Oh, and as far as the picture goes, doesn't it look like they're getting down to business... sipping their coffee and all?

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Sue said...

Yeah, and looks who is at Bush's far right!! Shades of things to come. Vote Obama!