Monday, October 6, 2008

So, how 'bout that stock market?

I just thought I'd do a quick blurby-blog about what's going on here. Firstly, Reilly did it again! She was getting sick of me being too busy to make her a sandwich (30 mins before dinner time) that she did it herself. While she was at it, she made Sean a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (no mess), but I have no pics to prove it. She's growing up so much lately... oh, and she's losing one of her top front teeth. We're going to sing 'All I want for Christmas...' Just kidding, that would be lame. Sean is starting to change his words on his own. I'll post a video of it soon, but he used to say 'this,' that,' and 'there' really funny, but he's been working on making them right. Okay, so besides that, (shout out to John A.) HOW 'BOUT THAT STOCK MARKET, eh?!

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