Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Costumes

I'm working on Reilly and Sean's costumes for Halloween and delegating some to Dusin... while I type his paper, he's cutting and sewing Reilly's cape. We went looking for ideas when the patterns went on sale for $1 each. I didn't expect to buy that day, but it was a great deal. While we were choosing Reilly's Sean was feeling left out and said he wanted to be a vampire, so that's why he's anything this year. Every other year we've fought with him to wear anything. His first Halloween, he was a lion - only because he couldn't fight then. The next one, he was supposed to be a lion again - different costume - but I couldn't get it on him. Then last year he was 'green' because he wouldn't wear a costume. He had a green sweat-suit, so that's seriously what he was - green. I'm excited to get him dressed finally!!

We're going to have a blast this year... we're even dressing Maya up like a witch. Fun, fun, fun!!

By. <---- Reilly typed this!

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