Thursday, October 30, 2008

Close Call

See how cute Sean's costume turned out? Well, it almost happened again!! He woke up this morning super excited to dress up and go to his Preschool Halloween Party! We got him dressed and I asked him if he wanted to wear his vampire teeth, or if he wanted me to draw them on his chin. He said to draw them on and then insisted on seeing them in the mirror. I should NOT have let him because he freaked himself out and then threw a fit! I told him to put the rest of the costume on and then see how he felt. It didn't work. So, then I took off his cape and belt, got my shoes on, and said that I was going to go trick-or-treating at his party while he stayed in bed. He quickly stopped crying and bargained.

He came over to me and grabbed my leg. Then, with his cute, sad face said, "I don't want these teeth, but I really want to wear my cape." Whew! I thought he was going to go another year with no costume.

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