Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I *heart* Dustin!

We started the kids' costumes a few weeks ago so that we'd have ample time to finish, and we made it! They're all done! We've been putting the kids to bed and then staying up late trying to get as much done as possible. Reilly's was the hardest because we had a cape and a dress complete with fur lining on the bottom of the cape, dress and sleaves.

Doing her's first also helped us do Sean's cape. We started at 7:30pm and were done by 10:00pm. I know it seems long, but it was amazingly fast. With me cutting the fabric, pinning and telling Dustin what to do, and him sewing everything, it went by very quickly. :)

So, anyway, doing all of this got me to thinking. Of all the husbands that I know, I have a hard time believing that many of them would kill their backs sewing late into the night to help their wives. We may argue about school, work, money, parenting (sounds like we're on the brink of marrital melt-down, eh?!), but, in the end, he's got my back and would do whatever to help me out. He's a great guy!


nhodge said...

everyone knows dustin's a good guy. btw, nice face, vampire girl! you could scare small children with that.

Lauren Brown said...

:) Hah! Hey, by the way, Sean wore that today and totally busted through the shoulder seam! It's not going to be easy to repair... he should've been the Incredible Hulk!