Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy-Lauren Dream!

I always remember the stupid dreams - relate much? (Refer to the HIV/AIDS blog.) My latest one was last week. It was reoccurring, too, so I got a lot of stuff from it. The first night I dreamed that we moved to a sort of compound. It was a huge house on a 30 acre lot. Complete with security gates and forest-mote surrounding the house. It was right next to my friends the Fishers (who live right around the corner from me in real life)... which is nuts because there's no way 30 acre lots would exist in Utah. Anyway, so that dream was all about how we moved and had to transition with the kids. We put up two GI-NORMOUS play sets with those slides used on aircrafts in case of emergencies. We were in a no-fly zone... who knows why or how... There were statues all around the house that we were deciding what to do with, etc. It gets better. The next night (or something) I dreamed that we were watching aircrafts fly overhead. We, as in me and Angela, didn't know why or if it was US planes, so we waited it out for a while. Eventually, we could see that these were terror attacks and quickly moved the families to the bomb shelter. (I know - like they even exist anymore!) Then we had to get to fightin' those 'hell-bent terrorists!' (That Sarah Palin! Hah!) We went to one of the play sets where, under one of the tower-floors, we had a stash of EVERY kind of gun you could think of. Angela and I took on the terrorists! I'm not sure that we won or not, but it sure does top my list of weird, crazy dreams!

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