Monday, June 16, 2008

Someone's got gasssssss...

I was driving, for the first time in a month, and noticed how high the gas prices have gotten. I think the biggest problem with the extortion of it is that we have no choice. For Orem, it's hard to get around by other means because the public transportation is HORRENDOUS and expensive. I can't understand why the government, who's just pocketing the money from over-priced gas, can't afford to give us free public transportation... ?? So, anyway, I thought of an analogy that I've already used for years.

Tampons! Women need them monthly... need. We have no choice. The alternative is not an option. What are tampons made from, you ask? Cotton. COTTON! But how much do they cost?

PKG of 18 = $7.00
PKG of 36 = $12.00
PKG of 88 = $27.00

This seems extreme to me, however, I HAVE to buy them. I have no choice, so cotton turns to gold when it hits the shelves. Gas is just like that. It doesn't cost any more now that a year ago, but as soon as it gets to the gas station - it's gold. Extortion!

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silveralley said...

your mom's extortion.