Thursday, June 12, 2008

Missionary Month (Lesson 20)

May marked Missionary Month for our youth. They all got companions and responsibilities for each week. Our Young Women's presidency really went all out and organized it's perfectly! They had districts and district leaders, and mission presidents. They also had the full time missionaries from our area kick off the (mock) MTC experience. It was really thought out.

So, to go along with that, our Sunday lessons were lessons 20 (Understanding a Missionaries Responsibilities) and 21 (Preparing to Share the Gospel) in the Young Women's manual 3. Our Beehive advisor and I planned an activity for Lesson 20. We did orgami dress shirts ( and on the reverse side, wrote little notes of appreciation/encouragement to the full time missionaries from our ward. It was so fun and I think they turned out super cute! We used white card-stock and I printed a little black tag for each of the missionaries so they were personalized. For the ties, we used scrapbook pages that had manly patterns. And I found some cute brads that we used for tie-tacks to keep them closed. Hope you like it.

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