Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shot the moooooooon!

So, I started playing Hearts before bed. It's a fun game that I only just barely (like two minutes ago) read the rules to. I was playing, thinking I knew it all... don't take the hearts... pass high cards, don't get any points... Oh, how little I knew. I kept getting 26 points and had NO idea why! I was like, 'what the... it said I had no points this round... how did I get 26?' THEN, I read the rules and found the way to stay ahead. Shoot the moon! It's when you try to take all the hearts and the queen of spades (she's 13 points all by herself... fickle lady!) and everyone else gets the 26 points while I walk away with NOTHING! NOTHING! Hah! After playing a few hands, I did it! I shot the mooon! Booo-ya!!

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