Monday, June 2, 2008

The book's always better.

It wasn't terrible... it didn't RUIN the book... but it was still disappointing. Amir, the main character, was not at all emotional enough... here's my blogged impression of his acting.

1. He gets some terrible news about his childhood bestfriend = ahhh, dang it... hmmm...

2. He gets married = woooo hoooo... ??

3. He doesn't want to risk life or limb for anyone = can't someone else do it? no? okay... hmmm..

4. His in-laws make fun of his family = stop? I mean... stop?... *fork slams on plate*

Thank you! Thank you! You've been an absolutely wonderful audience! Good night!!!


nina said...

my recommendation? read aloud. it's way funnier!

silveralley said...

haha. you're a loon!