Thursday, June 19, 2008

Attack of the minis!! Run for your life!

What's the deal with mini-skirts and short-shorts?? They're attractive on like 1% of the population, but they just keep coming back! Seriously, I need to know. I loved last summer when I could go ANYWHERE and find knee-shorts and mid-calf or just below the knee skirts. Now, I'm being attacked by nasty skirts and shorts.

I saw two girls walking in the mall and both had mini-skirts on. I'm not saying I checked them out... or that I think I'm sooo attractive... but COVER UP!! Just because they make it in your size (btw, why would they?!), doesn't mean you have to buy it... or even should!

I figured out why they've come back... because Sarah Jessica Parker pulled off a mini-dress at some award ceremony. She's part of the 1% and the rest of us should get a warning on clothing we try on. Here's what it should say:

Warning: Clothes may appear larger than they actually are. If you're a stranger to the gym... or triathlons, put it down and walk away.


Anonymous said...

tru dat, sistah!!

nhodge said...

i think i actually laughed out loud at that last line.

sue said...

Only the very young can really carry off a mini. If you're over 30, you're only kidding yourself.