Monday, November 3, 2008

Presidential Election 2008

I was Sarah Palin for Halloween (pics to come later), but the things that I learned from being the VP candidate for a day was SICKENING. I went to my ward activity, the store, around the neighborhood and a karaoke cafe dressed as Palin and was SHOCKED by how many people didn't know who I was even after I said her name. :( Not good. Not good!

I have been unimpressed with the potential leaders of our country, and have resolved that voting really doesn't do us much good in the long run... the members of the electoral college will ultimately vote how they want (or have been paid to). However, this is NO excuse for not staying informed! Be active about getting to know who will be running our country because we will pay the price!

Please! The vote is tomorrow, don't go into the ballot and vote blindly. There's still time to find out about the candidates. Figure it out and KNOW who you're voting for before you vote.


Sue said...

I have come to grips with the fact that I am still mad that BOTH candidates voted for the bailout. So, vote I will! But NOT for either of them. It is inevitable that one or the other of them will win, but not with my vote!

nhodge said...

wow ... i have greater influence than i thought! i've converted almost the whole family to the idea of voting 3rd party. even DAD is voting for nadar! whoduthunk.

Lauren Brown said...

I totally told everyone that Nader was the choice!!!

Anonymous said...

I heart our family for voting 3rd party.