Monday, November 10, 2008

Best day EVER!

Usually Sundays are the busiest days for us. We wake up early, everyone bathes and dresses for church. Then we have church for three hours and head off to Nuns park to visit with Dustin's grandparents. We have dinner with them and then hang out for an hour or two. We usually would get back home just in time to get the kids to bed. Well! Let me tell you, they are back at their house (so we don't visit everyweek) and aren't going back down to the park to host anymore. Yesterday was the first day we didn't go to visit them and MAN was it great! Not that visiting them isn't fun, but just imagine hearing the same two or three stories every week and/or Grandma brag about her daughters that are sooooooooo white trash. :/ It gets old very quickly.

We had the normal rush to get to church, mostly because the Primary program was happening and Reilly and I had to get their early. She gave a talk and I played the violin with one of my students during a couple songs. Reilly's talk was great! But the funniest part of the whole program was her and her friend, Miki, entertaining themselves with their name cards. The presidency put up cards so that each kid would know where to sit. Reilly and Miki took off the cards and fanned themselves, stuck them to their shirts, and, best of all, covered their faces during songs. I had so many different comments about it. Reilly's preschool teacher said that their whole family was laughing hysterically the whole time. Miki's parents joked that Reilly and Miki would have to be seperated for next year's program (they did a similar thing last year - lifting their dresses). I had other people ask me if I was embarrassed... or how stressful it is when you can't control your kids and they don't know how to read your facial expressions... I was like, Reilly could see me. I was across the stand from her and she kept looking at me. I could've told her to stop and she would have, but it was funny! I was laughing, too. She won't like doing those things if they're not fun. Can you imagine, being five and having to sit still for a whole hour in front of a crowd? No way! It was good times.

So, anyway, after church was over, we had no where to go and nothing to do. We hung out in my room the rest of the day. We rented a movie on Saturday, but didn't watch it until yesterday... BTW Kung Fu Panda was as bad as I remembered. After the movie, we harassed Dustin for a while. The kids took off his socks and tried to take off his pants... when they couldn't, they resorted to giving him a wedgie. Then, I changed the sheets and the kids found that our king-sized pillow sheets were big enough to be 'sleeping bags.' So, while they weren't paying attention, I closed Sean into his and hoisted it over my shoulder like a sack and walked around the house saying, 'Ho! Ho! Ho!' They took turns being the sack and laughing uncontrollably! We must have been really busy because while I was walking around, I noticed how much warmer it was in my room... even with the fan on and the window open! :)

After a few hours of sure craziness, they were ready for bed. The end! Great day!

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